Handling Hints

Grove Nursery puts forth every effort to give you quality materials, and we want our quality to continue in your hands!

  • Be sure to handle the stock carefully so the roots and branches are not broken, and the trucks of trees are not scraped.
  • Try to avoid walking or climbing on top of the nursery stock that remains stacked in the truck.
  • Avoid grabbing B&B or potted plants by their tops. Handle only by their root balls or pots.
  • Do not drop B&B or potted plants. More often than not, this “pounding” loosens the soil in the pot or breaks the soil ball and damages the root system.
  • Heel in all plant material and water immediately.
  • Prior to planting B&B trees, thin out the crown of the tree to prevent excess die back of remaining branches.

By following these simple guidelines, you should have good success with your material which leads to greater customer satisfaction. If you have any delivery or handling problems, please contact us.